12 reasons to buy Rustic King size bed

Rustic bed is one of the best furniture that you can add to your bedroom. Because of its natural design, handcrafted arts and durability, you will always prefer the beds.

However, choosing the right size bed is also important. Many people prefer to buy big beds for sleeping. On the other hand, some can’t because of lack of space. As a result, it is important to know the advantage of buying rustic king size bed.

Why we need a big bed?

Don’t you feel to have a big bed for sleeping? Many people do not understand the importance and benefits of a big bed. Of course, there are many reasons for the big bed.

You will have sufficient space to sleep. The In addition, you can move and turn freely without disturbing your sleeping partner. Sleeping is important for human being. Therefore, you should always feel comfortable and sleep freely. A small bed can reduce the gap between two people. As a result, it will also collapse the space between two people.

Therefore, you should always prefer to go with a king size or bigger size bed for sleeping. It will always promote sleeping and sure comfort at night.

You can always buy a full bedroom set. I gave you more information in this article (with review of 4 products).

  • You will get more space to sleep
  • You can move freely
  • Big beds help to reduce the disturbance to the sleeping partner for much space
  • Studies proved that big beds help to sleep comfortably
  • It requires more space than a small bed
  • It is a bit expensive than a single bed

12 Reasons why you need a bigger bed

Rustic Natural Cedar Furniture Queen Slat BedThere are many reasons for buying a bigger bed. Of course, you need to know the reasons before you go to a smaller bed. You will always get extra advantages of buying a bigger bed for your sleep time. The reasons are as follow:


Reason 1

When you will choose a double bed, you will get only 2.3ft space for sleeping. Even a baby need more than space. Therefore, how will you squeeze on the bed?

Reason 2

Ergonomic studies give a positive result for bigger beds for couples to sleep. A bigger bed can give better sleeping experience to the couples.

Reason 3

It is said that most of the people spend a third of total life in the bed. Therefore, you should go for a bigger bed so that you can have much space. As you are spending more time in the bed, it can give you a relaxed feeling.

Reason 4

The biggest bed can cost you a bit higher. However, it will not cost too much for per night. In fact, you will get more than 10 years’ service from the bed. So, it can be near $3 to $5 per night.

Reason 5

More than 16 countries preferring the bigger bed for sleeping. Most of the people of USA and UK love to sleep in a roomy bed. Therefore, it will always give you the best way to enjoy sleeping.

Reason 6

You can easily afford a TV, DVD, kitchen, an expensive holiday trip. So, why don’t you spend a bit more for your nighttime sleep? It will give you good refreshment!

Reason 7

According to Marks and Spencer, the people are becoming a bit larger than before. Therefore, it is not wise to use a smaller bed for sleeping.

Reason 8

The night is the perfect time when our human body grows. The human body can grow as much as two centimeters per night. Therefore, it is a good idea to use a bigger bed to provide proper space to your spine to compress.

Reason 9

Now a day, larger beds are becoming popular because of having much space. More than 30% people are preferring to buy a larger bed because of more space.

Reason 10

A larger bed can prevent to disturb your sleeping partner. A human toss and turns up to 70 times a night. Therefore, smaller bad transfers more motion controller than a larger bed. As a result, it will disturb the partner in case you sleep in a smaller bed.

Reason 11

You are buying a bed for up to 10 years usage. However, you may not remain as slim as you are. Official health studies give information about fatigue. People are becoming healthier because of junk food and other reasons. Therefore, you may need a larger bed in case you become healthy. So, it is a safe to buy a larger bed to avoid another purchase.

Reason 12

A larger rustic bed can give you more space, comfortable sleep, and easy turns. You will never sleep on an average bed when you sleep on a king size bed once.

2 Rustic King Bed for Sleeping – recommend by me

When I was looking for buying the best king bed, I faced some troubles. Because of numerous rustic king size bed available in the market, you can also become confused. However, I analyzed the beds and find the two best rustic king beds for your sleeping. Therefore, you can trust on my analysis and research to enjoy sleeping.

Rustic Pine Log Bedroom Suite Rustic Bed – 5 pc

Rustic king size bed - pine bedroom suiteIn my first recommendation, I prefer to give you complete rustic bedroom set with a king bed. It is a 5 piece pine bedroom set for any cottage, lodge, and home. The set comes with mirror frame, 3 drawer nightstand, and one king size log bed, 6 drawer dresses, and 5 drawer chest.

As a complete rustic bedroom set. The rustic furniture offers top quality performance and durability. The joinery is perfect for stable and sturdy performance. As a result, you do not need to worry about its quality.

You will not get a mirror with the mirror frame. It can be broken in the delivery, so, the manufacturer avoids the mirror. However, the handcrafted design is excellent. You will get a complete guideline to assemble the furniture too!

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  • Top quality pine wood for the bedroom set
  • Durable, high performance and top quality
  • A complete set for your bedroom
  • Strong joinery from the experts
  • Handcrafted log beds for good looking
  • Expensive set for home

White Cedar Log Bed – King

White Cedar log bed - rustic king bedIf you want only a rustic king size bed, it is the best choice for it. It comes with an excellent rustic look. The bed is made of white cedar log for better performance and long lasting support. In addition, the bed is easy to assemble for any person. You will also get the essential hardware to complete assemble.

Because of solid mortise and tenon joints, you will always get sturdy construction. It will not show any moisture problem at all.

In addition, the solid white cedar will always ensure the durability of the bed. The king size bed becomes strong and durable because of the material. Also, the manufacturer uses proper seasoning in order to preserve the integrity of the wood. As a result, it will always ensure long lasting performance.

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  • A good looking and excellent handcrafted log bed
  • The king size bed comes with sturdy performance
  • Mortise and tenon joints ensure stable performance
  • You will get proper tools to assemble the bed
  • Assemble needs nearly 30 minutes


Now you know the reasons for which you should buy the best rustic king size bed for sleeping. In my article, I try to give you the best reason to give you a right way to sleep. You will not only enjoy sleeping but also prevents disturbing less to your sleeping partner. As a result, it will give you a complete success.

You can also consider my two best king size bed for your bedroom. Surely, you will get the best performance and durable service. The king beds will always give you comfortable sleep time.

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