Why to buy Rustic Log Beds? Take a look for 5 product

If you are looking for a rustic log bed, you are in the right place. Rustic log beds can help to make your room natural look, rugged and earthy. The log beds are popular because of the simplicity and organic look. You will always get good performance and long-lasting service. Don’t you know about rustic log beds? Don’t worry because I will give you entire information today. Just be with us and get the information. Moreover, you will also get the best 5 log beds review on my site. As a result, making a decision will become easy as soon as you finish reading my content!

What is Log Beds?

Basically, log bed is a type of rustic furniture. It is incorporated using the whole logs. Most of the time, it is designed to give a pioneering look to the bed. The durability and long-lasting performance are impressive than normal beds. However, the durability depends on the manufacturing style. So, you should understand the basics of the log beds manufacturing process. Then, you can find the best log beds for your home. When using the whole logs for bed, the manufacturer focuses on the pioneer look and its durability. People use the log beds only for the natural look to the bedroom.


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MaterialPole PineWhite CedarRustic PineCedarNorthern White Cedar
Weight255 pounds140 pounds110 pounds45 pounds43 pounds
Warranty20 year limited warrantyLifetime warrantyLifetime warrantyNot mentionedNot mentioned

Are this Rustic Bed is for me?

Now a day, people are used to stylish bed for bedroom. With the passage of time, the tradition is changing. Once people like to use a rustic bed. However, the sense has been changed because of the availability of many designs and types of beds. Again, there are many people who love the rustic bed. Of course, there are many reasons to like the rustic beds. How do you know the rustic bed is for you? Don’t become confused because I have some points. If your preference matches with the factors, a rustic bed is for you! Style You will get various styles of the log beds. You can see some natural looking log beds. In addition, you can also get a high-end board on the front end. It makes the bed good looking. Some of the log beds come with woodwork. It makes the log beds good looking and stylish. You can also see some log beds with natural design. It will look like a branch of a tree. However, it is just a design for making the bed different.


The log beds are made of wood. Top quality wood is used for making this type of bed. Moreover, it uses natural ingredients to make it perfect. You will also see some natural woodwork over the frame. As a result, it will make a natural looking bed frame.

Smells & Design

Do you like the natural design? The rustic beds are made for providing you a touch of nature. It comes with a natural and rustic design. You will have a fresh natural smell from the bed. However, some rustic bed disperses odor due to a bad choice of wood.

Places Where Rustic Log Beds are Popular

Rustic log beds are mainly used in the cottages and mountain homes. If you live near a mountain, rustic log beds are a perfect choice. The beds will make your home perfect for the nearby environment. In fact, it will make the home natural and fresh.


Rustic log beds are a premium in quality. So, it is a bit costly than normal furniture. As a result, you need to spend a high amount than normal beds. Overall, if you match with the features, you can go with the rustic log beds. The beds are only for the people who love the premium quality and natural feeling. The beds will always leave a natural touch to your home. So, make the decision wisely!

Rustic Bed vs. Normal Bed

A normal bed or regular bed is available in various designs, styles, and features. Usually, normal beds are made of wood, steel, aluminum and others. Depending on the manufacturers, it offers different features, designs, and material. The rustic beds are made of wood, ensure a natural and rustic look. Moreover, it uses woodcraft design to make the bed beautiful. In addition, the beds leave a natural touch to your home. When normal bed looks artificial, rustic bed offers a natural feeling. Moreover, the rustic beds are expensive and premium in quality. You can get normal beds at various prices. If you want to decorate your home in modern style, normal beds are good for you. However, the rustic bed is suitable for mountain and cottage homes.

DIY – how to create own rustic bed?

Rustic Log Beds - DIY

Making own rustic bed is easy but tricky. You need to some tools and skills to make the rustic bed. Moreover, it needs time to prepare the design and make your bed. However, you can save money creating the bed yourself.

Select the Tree

First of all, you need to select the right tree for your rustic bed. It is important because the durability depends on the quality and type of the tree. Therefore, choose a mid-age mature tree.

Cut the Tree

You need to use a saw to cut the tree. You should have a saw or borrow from someone, please. In addition, you need to be careful when using the machine.

Remove the Trunk

Now you need to use a shape tool to remove the trunk. You need to remove the truck carefully. Make sure you are not damaging the wood. It will take some time to remove the trunk. You can use a shape knife to remove the trunk.

Measure and Cut

Now it is time to cut the tree into the desired measurement. You need to take a measurement of your desire bed. So, take a ruler and pencil to measure and mark the areas. Now, you can use a hand saw for cutting the tree into the pieces. You can also use a saw machine for cutting it comfortably. It uses power to cut quickly and efficiently.  

Shaping the Wood

You need to use a wood shaping tool in order to smooth the edges and shapes. The machine will help to remove the extra wood and make it plain. As a result, it helps to create a good shape of your bed. You can draw any design on the wood using the tool.

Creating the Holes

When your shape is complete and the wood is plain, it is time to create holes. You will connect the wood using the holes. You can create it by many ways. However, I recommend using a router bit machine in order to create the holes. You need to take the measurement of the other parts before making the holes. If you make it larger, it will not connect tightly. As a result, it will damage the entire task.

Join the Rungs

In order to join the rungs, you need to take the timbers and force to put into the created holes. It will need some pressure to enter. Make sure it is tight enough to hold the weight.

Preparing the Side & Join

Now, it is time to prepare the long sides of the rustic bed. You need to use a driller to drill the screwdrivers. Take the wooden joiners metal and connect it. Use the best drilling machine to drill and connect the metal into the wood. Then, connect the side with the width part of the bed. Your bed is now completed. You can prepare the mattress, bed sheet and enjoy sleeping on your rustic bed. It will give you durable and long lasting performance. Moreover, it will always help to reduce expense. You need to make sure the sizes of the connectors are perfect. Moreover, you need to use the right tools to make the rustic bed. Otherwise, you can never make a log bed for your home!

Assembling your good timber Rustic Bed

When you are assembling your good timber rustic bed, you need to follow my previous steps. However, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind. Most of the people do not care about the methods. As a result, they become fail to assemble. Therefore, I am giving you the mistakes that you should avoid.

  • You should use a ruler to measure and mark it perfectly.
  • You should always choose the best timber for your rustic bed
  • You should always give number or marks on the rungs. Otherwise, it can mix with other holes. Make sure you marks the corresponding holes too!
  • You should use the right tool. If you do not know how to use the tool, take help from a professional.
  • When using a shaping tool, you should become careful. It needs a bit experience to handle and prepare a design. However, it is also used to make the wood surface plain. So, don’t run too many times to plain it. Otherwise, it can remove the best top layer of wood.

If you can keep the factors in your mind when assembling, you can avoid the mistakes. Moreover, it will help to assemble the log bed within a short time. You should always check the marks before you push to any hole. Otherwise, you will waste time and energy. In addition, you should always read the instructions given by the manufacturer.


Top 5 Log Beds Review

As there are many log beds in the market, don’t before confused. You need to choose the best log beds for your bedroom. On the basis of performance, quality, durability, price and style, I have picked top 5 log beds to review. My log beds review can give you accurate information about the log bed. So, you can make an easy decision to choose it.

Montana Woodworks Collection Bed

Montana Woodworks Collection BedIf you are looking for a classic spindle style log bed, it is a smart choice. It comes with a hand crafted design using genuine lodge pole pine. It also provides upper and lower side rails to make the log bed stronger and supportive.

In order to ensure quality and longevity, the manufacturer uses mortise and tenon joinery. The joinery will help to provide a good lock to the joints. The designers create an old fashioned drawing on the bed frame to make it unique. As a result, it will always give a great look to your bed.

The price is a bit expensive than a regular bed. However, the quality and design worth the price. The manufacturer will provide 20-year limited warranty for the log bed.

So, you can expect to have durable and long lasting performance from the log bed. Overall, the log bed is my first choice because of its unique design. Although it is not a lightweight log bed, it is perfect for long the lasting use.

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  • Unique design
  • Premium quality with lacquer finish
  • Durable and long lasting manufacturing style
  • Mortise and tenon joinery for premium quality support
  • The Used USA grew Solid lodge pole pine
  • Offers 20-year warranty
  • Expensive

Midwest Log Furniture – Premium Log Bed – King

It is a premium quality rustic king size bed for your bedroom. It is made of northern white cedar in the United States. The manufacturer preserves the integrity of the wood using drying process. As a result, you can expect durable and long lasting service. In addition, the Cedar is well known for weather resistant and naturally insect wood. So, it will always give the best performance at the affordable price.

The log bed offers double log side rail and bed support. As a result, it makes the bed stronger than normal log beds. Moreover, its assembly task is to complete for any person. You will get a complete instruction to follow.

So, you can follow the instruction and assemble the bed. In addition, you will get a lifetime warranty on the log bed. Therefore, you can understand the value of money and quality of material!

Overall, Midwest makes the perfect log bed for the people. I, personally, like the quality and design of the bed. The special preservation method is perfect to ensure durable support. So, you are not wasting your money only for some years.

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  • The USA made log bed
  • Durable northern white cedar for last lasting performance
  • Offers complete instructions for assembling the bed
  • Mortise and tenon construction for good support
  • Double log side rails for giving enough strength
  • Offers lifetime warranty
  • Expensive

Midwest Log Furniture – Rustic Log Bed

Midwest Log FurnitureMidwest rustic log bed is popular for its quality, durability, and performance. You will love the handcrafted design on the rustic log bed. It makes the bed beautiful and natural. The manufacturer uses the best northern rustic pine collection for making the bed.

In order to ensure to durability and performance, the manufacturer dried the wood to preserve the wood’s integrity. Pine is best for weather resistant. Therefore, it will always give you durable performance. Moreover, the manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty on the bed. So, you can expect top material for the bed.

Don’t worry for assembling the log bed. You will get marked bed slats and rungs to assemble. Moreover, you will get a book for assembly. As a result, you can see the marks and read the instruction book to assemble the bed for sleeping.

Overall, the rustic log bed is long-lasting and top quality. The USA made bed is perfect for providing you the rustic theme to your home. The headboard makes the bed different from most of the log beds.

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  • Made in the USA
  • Top quality and handcrafted rustic log bed
  • Comes with mortise and tenon joinery for durable support
  • Includes all important hardware to assemble
  • A clear and precise assembly guide to assembling the log bed
  • Durable bed slats for good support
  • A bit heavy

Rustic Natural Cedar Furniture Queen Slat Bed

Rustic Natural Cedar Furniture Queen Slat BedIf you are looking for a lightweight rustic bed, it is the best choice. It comes with heavy-duty metal side rails for providing the supreme support. However, the manufacturer conceals the metal by a wood cap. So, it is not a full rustic bed. But, you will get the outlook of a full rustic log bed.

The manufacturer uses cedar, the most common timber for lug beds. The mature cedar is long lasting for any purpose. Therefore, you will get durable support from the bed. In addition, the material is sustainable and good for the environment. As a result, it will give a perfect look to your home.

The creamy white finish makes the bed perfect for decorating your home. It gives the best finish to ensure the quality and performance. So, it is beautiful and natural looking log bed for your bedroom. Don’t worry about its metal side rails. It is for providing more strength and power. So, it is good for your bed.

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  • It comes with heavy-duty metal side rails
  • The design is impressive for concealing the metal side rails style
  • You can expect to use the bed for more than 15 years
  • It is made of northern white cedar
  • White creamy finish for better look
  • Durable and beautiful bed design for enhancing home beauty
  • It is lightweight than other rustic log beds
  • It does not have full wood construction

Rustic Natural Cedar Furniture Company Full Cedar Log Bed

Rustic Natural Cedar Furniture CompanyRustic log bed is perfect for your home decoration and durable performance. It is my last recommendation log bed for its quality and performance. It comes with a beautiful looking parts to make the bedroom perfect.

The log bed is made of full cedar for durability and long lasting performance. It is a sturdy bed, ensures long lasting performance. Moreover, the real northern white cedar ensures the quality. So, it will always give you better performance, strong side rails.

The manufacturer sands the wood to make it fresh and smooth. Moreover, the preservation process is perfect for long lasting performance. To ensure the quality, the brand does not use any type of harmful chemicals. In short, it is perfectly made for your bedroom.

Assembling the bed can be a bit difficult for you. However, you will get a guide to assemble the bed properly. In addition, you will get all important hardware to complete the process.

Overall, the cedar log bed is a suitable addition to your bedroom. The bed is available in all standard sizes. So, you can pick the right size for your bedroom. Don’t forget to read the assemble instruction before you try!

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  • Natural northern white cedar for durable support
  • Easy to maintain for long lasting performance
  • Easy to assemble
  • Study and good for beautifying your home
  • White creamy and sanding cedar to ensure the finest look
  • Expensive


Now, you have an overall idea about the rustic log beds. As a rustic bed user, I analyzed the rustic log beds available in the market. From the research, I have reached the best 5 rustic log beds available in the market. Moreover, I give a complete review on the beds. Therefore, you can make a good decision considering the reviews.

In addition, you can also make your own rustic bed. You can follow my steps to use an own rustic bed. It will help to prepare the bed and save money. However, it can only possible if you have the right tools. Otherwise, you can’t make it.

Finally, you need to have matching preferences with the rustic bed. If you like the natural theme to your bedroom, you can go and buy the best rustic log bed in the market!

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